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How far in advance can I book my event? 

Style Entertainment is available for booking an event that is as close as a few weeks away or as far as 2 years away, however, it is most common to book between 9 and 12 months in advance.   The sooner you reserve your date, the better! Popular wedding months do book up quickly, so, brides, as soon as you reserve your venue, give us a call!

Do you travel? 

Since we are all based out of different locations across the south, we do travel for a lot of our bookings.   Don't hesitate to inquire about booking just because it will involve travel.   We love seeing new places!

How many hours are included in a Style Entertainment show?  

Flexibility is the name of the game with our company since we like to offer ultimate personal service.   When booking your event with us, we will discuss the plans and timeline for the evening and find that perfect time slot that we fit in.

Do you bring PA and lighting, or should that be provided by the purchaser?

Each act does own a professional PA and lighting rig that is available for us to provide for events such as wedding and corporate events.   For festivals or larger outdoor events, it is recommended, although not required, that you provide this equipment to fit the event more appropriately.

I have seen the act before, and would like to book them for my event, but I’m not so sure my guests will appreciate all of the genres they offer.  How can I be sure to please everyone? 

When booking your event, be sure to discuss the dynamic of your guest list with us, and we will tailor the song list to your tastes.   With each private event that our company accomodates, we allow the organizers of the event to view the song list and point out favorite songs as well as the ones that you’re not so fond of.  Each event gets a set list custom made just for them!

I’m not ready to book yet, but would like to gather price information in advance so I can prepare.  Do you give prices before my date is secure? 

Just like any service, pricing is not “one size fits all” and depends on lots of factors such as date and location, so a firm price can only be given when it’s time to book the event.  However, for our most prepared ladies who like to get a budget together even before a date is set, we can provide a ballpark price ahead of time. 

What is the best way to reach you for a consultation?

We are available for consultations via email ( or by phone (662.251.2255).   We can also meet over coffee locally to discuss your vision for your event.

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